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This is Daemon Process sound and music. For Daemon Process Unix page go here.

Daemon Process music started off in 1998 as a collection of pieces written by Stephen on his burgeoning collection of musical instruments, which he decided for the sake of vanity and posterity to record. After a few requests to write music for people's websites and promotional videos, Stephen decided to present his music on the web as a resume.

"Generally the pieces write themselves directly through improvisation, which I record, then edit, change instruments, improve on and after a period of time finally reach a point of saying that it won't be improved on much more. A piece of music can be a bit like a painting in that it is never really finished, but thats a good thing because it is possible to get too engrossed in the detail or to lose the raw 'magic' of performance. Demo pieces can be auditioned on-line at lowest quality (32bit), if you want better quality you have to contact me. You can also get a CD of the full works, including a licence to use the material in commercials or to sample for use in your own music. Last but not least you can commission Daemon Process to write a piece of music of up to 15 minutes (I don't do films or symphonies yet) based upon a story-board, pictures, video, trigger words, ideas, descriptions of your products, services and target markets. To learn more about that, contact me using our contact form.



These are extracts from various pieces, purposely presented in low bit-rate mp3 so you won't just be able to copy them and use them straight off. If you want the full quality high bit-rate version, then please contact me

www.friendsabroad.com commercial, a trip around the world in two minutes.
Solo dive; Strange synth solo stuff ambient dance
Aurora; astronomy, ice, wildlife and nature
Aurora 2 ; part 2 of my aurora borealis improvisation.
Spanish lessons; Spanish harmonic progression and easy listening mix.
Wentaway; Wentaway, TV police show .
Smooothie; interior decorating show .
3030303; top gun, fast 'n' furious, relentless pace.
Sunrise; dawn breaks, the choir sings, revelations, religious echoes, ambient.
Despair; classical arrangement with spooky resonant filters
Requiem; double bass solo against electric organ and an intentionally off-beat organic drum in jazz style
Danztran; pulsating jazzie eclectic, commercial idea, very rough.
Deep aqua; cold deep water, ring modulations, haunting, whispers.
Groovetoo; rappers backing with dark organ sounds and occasional heavy electric guitar.
Grunger; French sounding synth vibe, my wife's least favourite!
Jongleurs; Complicated rhythm with keyboards and sub-base.
Kids programme; young childrens TV program theme tune, puppets, brass band mix.
Industrial rhythm, metallic industrial effects and stark Euro-pop starter-offer
Sisters; 8 to the bar relentless base line, keyboards above, just needs some vocals.
Vizzie; Sparse beat and nu-wave synth effects.
Airwoof? Airwoof? - not quite.
Wow Just some fun on the flute and not for sale.

Startup/shutdown music


CD1: The complete works from 1997 to 2001. This CD contains pieces applicable to a variety of product promotions and musical styles, jazz, guitar, ambient and dance.

CD2: The complete works from 2002 to 2006. These works are generally shorter than the previous 5 years' worth (CD 1997-2001) but the wide variety of sounds and original content makes this collection a must for any company that needs cutting-edge musical ideas to integrate with their video.

Samples of Samples and synthesizer programs

These are my own efforts. You can copy these samples as much as you like. They are mostly middle 'A' 440hz.

ProgramTaken from
Major Fuzzy (94k)Prophecy
Ultimate fuzzy (101kb)Prophecy
organic4hs (137kb)Prophecy
5thstoo (57kb)Prophecy
thebigmany (38kb)Trinity
chorderoy (56kb)Prophecy
hireso (66kb)Prophecy
multimoog (45kb)Trinity
skydiver3 (140kb)Trinity
stevesflutie (45kb)Prophecy

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